5 minutes with...CRZyBest, creator of alternative bespoke bouquets, jewellery and accessories

All throughout July, we’ll be sharing some thought provoking interviews with some awesome suppliers. We’ve interviewed a range of suppliers across the wedding planning industry to get their inside take on what it means to plan a wedding. We’ll be talking best bits, inspiration and about some of the biggest challenges of planning your day.

Last week we heard all about Arnos Vale Weddings - a stunning, alternative wedding venue in Bristol (read more about it here. This week it’s the turn of CRZyBest, the creators of stunning alternative bouquets, jewellery and accessories.

For those who may not have come across your work before, can you describe a little about your business and how you got into creating awesome wedding bouquets and accessories?

 I have always been a creative person and after getting a whole variety of creative qualifications including a first degree in Silversmithing & Jewellery and teaching art for 20 years I decided that it was finally time for a change in direction and I officially launched ‘CRZyBest’ in October 2017. CRZyBest grew from a whole heap of experiments, research and the discovery of wanting to create something truly unique and bespoke. Not only for weddings but for any occasion when you want something that reflects you and who you are, instead of conforming to ‘latest trends’. I wanted to combine my skills from silversmithing, ceramics and sculpture to create something totally unique, whilst also being accessible and useable, with this in mind CRZyBest alternative bespoke bouquets, jewellery and accessories, complete with tiny sculptures was born!


In three words how would you describe your brand/business?



— CrzyBest
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Who or what inspires the creativity in your work?

I am inspired by the world around me whether it is organic or man-made, I love looking up and taking my time to notice the little things. I love the attitudes and creative thinking of Frida Kahlo, Kate Malone and Ken Robinson! I enjoy taking on board the thoughts of others, along with the imaginary worlds of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Creating something totally new can be both scary and exciting, working to create pieces from the thoughts of others is truly inspirational and always creates such a feeling of exhilaration when completed and the person who I have made something for is happy!


What trends are you currently seeing and how do you predict the future looks for awesome wedding bouquets and accessories?

If trends have to play a part in this, then I am definitely seeing a move towards people wanting something truly unique to themselves, with thought given for environmental and ethical concerns. With handcrafted, bespoke elements playing an important role in these concerns, as usually these items are created by individuals who reflect these values, whether that is locally or globally.


What advice would you give couples when choosing their wedding accessories?

Listen to others, take on board their thoughts and opinions, then go for exactly what you want! Don’t worry about what other members of your wedding party think or are going to think, it’s your day and you should be able to create your vision, if someone doesn’t agree with what you want, then find another person who does! When it comes to your accessories, find a supplier or maker that will listen to you and either make or find for you exactly what you want in a way that’s suits you, if budget is a concern then find someone who can work to yours.


How far in advance do you suggest couples come talk to you?

Ideally at least 6 months so that we have plenty of time to go through the creative process for making their bespoke creations, although I have been able to do special orders much faster than this.


Which wedding blogs, magazines or other resources do you recommend that couples check out, to gain inspiration?

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I love Unconventional Wedding as they really are just that, with a broad range of views and a whole load of enthusiastic suppliers ready to support you in achieving your special day. I definitely recommend going around wedding fairs, make sure you go with an enthusiastic person though, there’s nothing worse than trailing round with someone who isn’t interested! Try to get to the independent shows as you will find them so much more friendly, each with their own vibe and unique suppliers. If you are in Derbyshire try visiting The Giant Wedding Show a well-established event, or in Leicestershire for something totally different the brand-new Unconventional Wedding Festival!


Finally, what's the best thing about being a running your business?

Happy days, meeting new people, walking my dog, making things every day. Being able to choose which direction to go in next and choosing to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve new things! That wonderful time when a person receives their order for a tiny bespoke sculpture, or a complete bouquet and emails me with such excitement you can feel it and it makes your day! Walking around with a massive smile on your face because you know that someone is out there, with their own massive smile, with one of your creations!

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read about CRZyBest and would like to know more visit them on their website, Facebook, Instagram or their other project Unconventional Wedding.

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