How to plan your fun, relaxed family photography session in Nottinghamshire

Family photography sessions have to start with an informative, relaxed phone call.

If you've clicked this link, chances are you're considering a family photography session and thinking about booking a shoot either with us or another professional photographer - fantastic news, but I'm sure you've got some questions. 

Depending on the photographer you choose, they will have a very different approach and will want to ensure you are best prepared in their own way.


But wait, what is there actually to plan?

Maybe you've had a family photography session previously and have just rocked up to a studio or met a photographer at the venue of an outdoor session. So, just decide on a date and a venue and away we go right?

Unlike other photographers, we like to get to know you and your family a little before the shoot. At the time of booking, we will arrange a pre-shoot consultation (a posh way of saying a relaxed chat!). This usually takes place over the phone or via Skype if you prefer and can be arranged for a convenient day and time for you - perhaps when the kids are all tucked up in bed or when you know you'll be free.

So what is there to talk about?

During the call, we like to learn a bit more about your family and what makes you tick. What hobbies do you do? Does anybody have a particular skill? What do you love doing as a family? We may even be able to include this in your photography session - the more personal a session we can have the more the images will mean to you. You may also want to tell us if your kids are shy (you may want to read this blog - How to make your shy child smile for pictures - without saying "CHEEESE!"). Or are they a bursting-with-energy, chatterbox and you're worried they might be a bit over energetic? Or do they have any additional needs? - none of these will be a problem. As Dave worked as a teacher for 5 years, he knows what kids are like and how to get the best out of them. 

We'll also talk about a location that will suit you and your family. We primarily photograph outside, as we love natural light and capturing a families real interactions and personality whilst having a natural adventure. So we often end up exploring a forest, visiting an old manor house or even just your local park. As our service is totally based around you, we really are flexible and love to make it special for you and your family. The benefit of having this discussion in advance is we can talk through the pros and cons of a particular location and find the perfect place for you and your family.

What do we wear? This is a question we often get asked. Whilst we're not going to tell you what to wear (we are no fashion experts!), we will have some suggestions about things to avoid - for example dark colours can tend to make the images look rather dull. Usually we advice you work with what you have available and just make sure to dress appropriately for the season and Britain's ever changing weather.

We love to create wall galleries with multiple framed prints. We also have software that can show you what your frame will look like hanging on your wall.

Finally, we'll talk about what you want to do with your images. Chances are if you've had an explore of our website, seen us on social media or read our blog, you'll know we specialise in framed prints and wall galleries. By having discussed the type of products you love and where you would like to place them in your home, we can tailor your shoot perfectly for you, thinking about which images would look perfect in those frames as we take them. 

By the end of your call, we'll know each other a little better and you'll be excited about the shoot, ready and confident we've chosen a great location and are prepared to catch your family at it's best!

We hope this has helped you with planning your family photography session whichever photographer you choose. Remember, a photographer is there to help you in preparation for your shoot, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact them and ask. They're there to ensure you have the best experience possible as well as get the best photographs.


P. S. If you do want to have a chat more about your ideas for your very own family photography session, click here to book a convenient time and date for a little chat.