Yoga in The Tunnel | Nottingham photographer

Yoga in The Tunnel | Nottingham photographerI've mentioned before that Cassie from SUP Yoga & Fitness UK likes to do yoga in the most unlikely of places. Well, this event was certainly no exception. The Park Tunnel. A spooky yet alluring venue under the streets of Derby Road. I'd never even heard of it before last Thursday night, but was so excited to discover it and shoot the session hosted by Cassie and Parklives Nottingham.

As people arrived and slowly made their way down the huge stone staircase that takes you into the tunnel I heard countless shrieks of excitement and gasps of wonder at the sight. The tunnel was filled with excited chatter as yogi's and non-yogi's alike set down their mats, lit their candles and cosied up with a blanket ready for the session to start.

Then for an hour in candlelight everyone stopped, dropped and performed some epic yoga moves in unison. It was a great sight to see and loads of fun to photograph. 

If you were there and would like to buy a picture, or want to see more of the photos, you can do so here