What NOT to do when you get engaged!

You’ve just got engaged – that’s awesome!! Here’s our guide of all the things you definitely don’t want to do when you get engaged.

Once you’ve celebrated, enjoyed yourself and got a good idea of what your wedding plans are, be sure to get in contact to find out more about Dave Fuller Photography relaxed, wedding photography in Nottingham.

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Eating with a stoma

Do you have dietary requirements? It’s a question we get asked all the time as wedding photographers. Our lovely couples want to keep us well fed and full of energy on their wedding day so naturally, they ask what food we can and can’t eat. For Amy, it’s a simple answer, everything! For me, not…
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Raichelle & Michael’s Wedding | May 2021

Raichelle & Michaels wedding was our first post-covid wedding and it was simply the best way to get back into the swing of things! They were due to get married way back in April 2020, just a couple of weeks into the first lockdown, and then after delaying for a full year (which felt like more than enough time for this to be over at the time!) they were unlucky enough to have to postpone by another couple of weeks to allow their wedding to go ahead with more than 6 people in attendance.
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Sarah & Alex’s Wedding | October 2021

Sarah and Alex planned a stunning wedding that involved four separate venues that are literally a stone’s throw from each other. Sarah got ready at her parents’ house which was next to the church and opposite the village hall where the reception was held, Alex met some of his side of the family and friends at the put which was about four or five doors down from the church – okay, that might have been quite a long stone’s throw!
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