How to start planning a wedding | Wedding planning guide

You’re engaged, that’s awesome! But how do you start to plan a wedding? We know how hard it can be. Staring at that blank piece of paper.

“What comes first?”

“I’ve never planned anything like this before!!”

“What do I do?”

“What comes first?”

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5 reasons why you SHOULD invite children to your wedding

It can be a really tough decision. To invite children at your wedding or not? And can be even tougher to tell friends and family their children are not invited. It’s definitely one of those decisions which can cause a little friction around wedding invites lists. Here’s 5 reasons why you should definitely have kids at your wedding!

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2019, the year of my life-changing (kind of) surgery

This is the story of my 2019, it’s a bit of a different one involving major,(sort of) life changing surgery. I now have a stoma, which is by no means as scary as it sounds – but it’s sure been a rollercoaster of a year! This is the first in a series of blogs explaining what happened!
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A shower of confetti and a married couple

How to organise stunning confetti Photography

Some of the most amazing, spontaneous, photogenic moments at a wedding often happen when the couple just married and are in a flurry of confetti!

Whilst now it’s a fun moment for guests to toss confetti in the air, the tradition actually started in Italy when throwing petals or rice at the happy couple was a sign of prosperity and fertility. Today, the confetti shot comes in a variety of shapes of sizes and sometimes these don’t even involve confetti but other unique and colourful creations (more on that later!)

So when and where should we do a confetti shot? How do we go about organising it?

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5 simple steps to choosing your wedding photographer

Choosing a photographer is one of the biggest, most important and ultimately hardest decisions of the whole wedding planning process. After all, once the flowers have wilted, the food and drink has been eaten and the ringing in your ears has faded from that amazing party, what are you left with as a lasting memory? That’s right, your photos.

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What NOT to do when you get engaged!

You’ve just got engaged – that’s awesome!! Here’s our guide of all the things you definitely don’t want to do when you get engaged.

Once you’ve celebrated, enjoyed yourself and got a good idea of what your wedding plans are, be sure to get in contact to find out more about Dave Fuller Photography relaxed, wedding photography in Nottingham.

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The trials and tribulations of being a wedding photographer…what can go wrong..! The, as yet, untold story of Charlotte and David’s wedding day…

So, it’s been a couple of months since Charlotte and Dave’s wedding and so I’ve had a chance to recover! It was a wonderful wedding, but quite an eventful one as a photographer. Here is the untold behind the scenes story!

Note: before I start, don’t get me wrong the wedding itself was beautiful and none of what I’m talking about here affected the couple, guests or the photos (other than providing a few laughs and a fair amount of amusement – more on that shortly!)

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Charlotte and David | Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool

Back in April, we had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Charlotte and David’s wedding in Liverpool. They married in the gorgeous All Hallows Church, Allerton and they held their reception at the beautiful Palm House, in Sefton Park, a simply stunning venue for a wedding.

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