Spring has certainly sprung and that means bluebell season is just around the corner!


Are you a busy working-mum with fun, adventurous kids?

Have you been meaning to get great family photographs for months (or even years!) but just not been able to find the time?

Do you and your family love exploring the great outdoors?

This could be just what you’re looking for…

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“We had a family shoot for my daughter for her birthday. We had a fantastic time and the photos are lovely!”

Becky Disney-Scott

So, you work and you spend your evenings and weekends looking after your energetic fun-loving kids. So when do you find time for a family photo shoot?

We fine one of the biggest reasons families put off booking a family photography session, is time. Simple as that. We’re all incredibly busy these days and it can be tough to find time to get those all important family photographs. Time, however, is the actually the perfect reason to book your session now. That exciting stage your kids are going through now, whether they’re taking those first tentative steps or are jumping off tree stumps feeling that sense of excitement and amazement exploring the world, isn’t going to last forever so capture some beautiful photographs before they’re all grown up!

We know you might not have time for a full family photo shoot. That’s why, each year, we do a limited number of mini-sessions. These sessions take place over a single weekend and offer quick, fun 30-minute photo shoots in the gorgeous Oldmoor bluebell woods.

We love spring. It means summer is on the way, beautiful flowers are popping up everywhere, and it’s a perfect time for a family photo shoot. This year’s mini-sessions will be on location in the stunning Oldmoor woods. These will take place at the end of the day when the sun is low in the sky and produces the most spectacular, natural light for photographs.


Oldmoor Woods, Nottingham


Saturday 4th May 2019 & Sunday 5th May

Time slots available: 

5.30pm, 6.15pm, 7:00pm & 7:45pm


All you have to do is turn up with your family at your scheduled time slot! It will be a relaxed photography session as per our usual style. It's all about capturing those real smiles and family connections. There is very little posing involved and the kids are free to run and play around while I capture some family memories. We find this is the best way to capture children's true personalities and authentic emotion in your images.


Why would you choose a mini-session over a full family photography session?

  • You’re incredibly busy so really want to fit in a quick family session (our sessions last for 30 minutes).

  • You want a taste of a family photography session at a slightly reduced rate.

  • You want to capture beautiful pictures of your lovable little ones as they grow.

Why is this only available for children 3 years old and older?

Due to the time it takes to photograph little ones under the age of 3. We love photographing children of all ages, however they naturally have a mind of their own and want to do other things in that time. Children under 3 would perfectly suit a full family session (get in touch to arrange yours in the same woods, at a time to suit you!). This also gives them the time to get to know your photographer Dave, and feel comfortable with him and the camera.

Can I buy extra prints afterwards?

Of course! For our mini sessions we keep it really simple. You get three 10 x 8 inch prints with your session fee, then we have two options for purchasing more images:

1) Purchase all your digital images as digital downloads. (£150)

2) Purchase all your digital images AND a multi-image framed print. You can choose between our five-image framed print (36 inch by 14 inch) or our nine-image framed-print (24 inch by 24 inch). (£400)

These additional purchases can be made when you sign up for your slot, via email, phone or online (after your session).

Do you get any digital files with the mini-shoot session fee?

No. The session fee includes the 30 minute session and three 10 x 8 inch prints. As stated above, you can purchase the full set of digitals on their own for £150 or the digitals and a multi-image print for £400. These additional purchases can be made when you sign up for your slot, via email, phone or online (after your session).


An example of our 9-image framed photos (we also do 5-image frames as well)

The Elsey family had a fantastic session at Oldmoor bluebell woods last year.

“I had a real phobia of photographers, but after a girly day out with my daughter Maisie and dog Bella, I have seen the light. I would never use another photographer again.” Michelle Bates, 2017.

We’ve only got 8 mini-photography sessions available. To book, select the time and date below and fill out the short form & we’ll be in touch.

Bluebell mini-shoots poster.jpg

Terms and conditions:

  • The sessions are scheduled at the times that we will get the best out of the natural light available, so can not be rearranged.

  • Only one offer can be used per photo shoot.

  • Sorry, a voucher can not be used with this offer.

  • Mini-sessions are for families with children aged 3 and over only

  • Session fee doesn’t include any digital prints

  • The location is subject to change, due to the fact that these sessions are dependent on nature itself and should the woods not grow in an aesthetic nature this year, We may change to another local location where the bluebells photograph more attractively. This location will still be within Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, and you will be given proper notice if so. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.