Kate & Sian’s Wedding | September 2022

Kate & Sian’s wedding at Bilston Brook Wedding Barn was an absolute blast! Each year there are weddings where Amy and I are absolutely buzzing at the end of them and not wanting to leave and this was definitely one of those.

Kate & Sian both walked down the aisle together (entering the room from different doors and meeting halfway down) and then had a good friend lead the ceremony, which included touching readings and a sand ceremony involving their daughter which was all really lovely!

The reception was super chilled out with kids running around and playing garden games plus Kate & Sian brought their VW campervan so we were excited to have a nosey around that and take a few photos!

The party really kicked off in the evening and the dancefloor was absolutely pumping which is always fun as a photographer. Amy and I like to get involved on the dancefloor and can often be seen pulling off some pretty terrible dance moves (okay this is just Dave, Amy can actually hold her own on the dancefloor!).

This was a wedding that we didn’t actually want to leave because the dancefloor was so fun and at one stage Kate forced a glass of bubbly into Amy’s hands so we stuck around and had a drink before heading home. All in all an awesome wedding!

Like our vibe? Where next?

Like our vibe?

Where next?

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