Kate & Toby got married at the beautiful Pentney Abbey in August and it was a hot one!

I met Toby at a mutual friend’s stag do a few years back. So it was awesome to be asked to their photographer, not only because these two are lovely, but I also got to see my old buddy at the wedding and have a brewski together once I’d finished.

As I arrived, I could tell Kate was pretty nervously excited and it was absolutely lovely to see the transformation from the moment she got to the end of the aisle and saw Toby – all the nerves melted away and she enjoyed the rest of the day. You can also see the emotion written all over Toby’s face as he is waiting for Kate to walk down the aisle.

The beaming smiles at the end of the aisle tells that story which is why they’re some of my favourite from the day.

Like our vibe? Where next?

Like our vibe?

Where next?

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