Sabrina & Tim’s Wedding | July 2022

Sabrina & Tim’s was a very chilled out emotional day. Despite the fact they actually did the legally bit last year you could tell from the amount of tears and emotion on display that this was such a special day to both of them. The tears arrived for Tim as Sabrina walked down the aisle and then didn’t seem to stop!

Their vows were really touching and meaningful and even though we’d actually first heard from them a couple of weeks before their wedding (they decided they wanted a photographer pretty late on) and therefore didn’t know them as well as we often do with our couples we could really feel the love and it was beautiful!

The whole celebration happened in the beautiful garden of their new house in Beeston, Nottingham and it was a privilege to be part of it.

We also filmed another of our 5-minute wedding highlights films at Ellie & Edward’s wedding and you can check it out below:

Like our vibe? Where next?

Like our vibe?

Where next?

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