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There’s no denying it, wedding cakes are delicious and look amazing. The real challenge is picking out the one for you in a sea of amazing looking cakes! The Sweet Stuff makes incredibly modern, elegant wedding cakes and was one of the first to make it to our best wedding cakes in Nottingham guide so keep reading to find out why!

Why do we think The Sweet Stuff is awesome?

Natasha from The Sweet Stuff is a designer of modern, elegant cakes, she focuses on making ‘cakes for cool couples in love’ and loves to add a little bit of the personality of the couple into the cakes or shape it to match the rest of your wedding day. Top this off with delicious tasting cakes and you’ve got one awesome cake designer!

We had to know more about Natasha and her business, so we asked her about her business. what makes it awesome and what makes inspires her!

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

“I am based in Nottingham city centre and typically travel up to an hour to deliver and set up wedding cakes for my clients around Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands.  I have also travelled further and had clients who are London based.  I really fall in love with clients that are based abroad but are coming to the region to get married, I love to travel and explore so their experiences abroad really get my creative juices flowing.”

How would you describe your business in three words!

“Creative. Fresh. Contemporary. 

My business is really just a reflection of me as I not only make the cakes but have created the website, brand image and all of the communications.  I am a magpie for colour and sparkle, I usually see things a little different than most and I like to create work that not only reflects a wedding style but also inject my personal style and the couple’s personality.”

What inspires you in your business?

“The freedom to be creative, express myself in this way inspires my business to continue.  I also get very excited when working with other wedding suppliers and taking inspiration for my clients events from their work.  When clients are too prescriptive or they want exactly what they have seen in an image, for me, this takes the excitement, joy and creativity out of working on their big day.”

On average, how much do couples spend with you?

“My wedding clients typically spend around £450 on their wedding cake, the popularity of rustic style weddings has led to the semi-naked cake trend and barn style weddings so this price pretty much reflects that style of wedding cake.  I am probably not the cheapest cake designer but my clients value my work and trust my years of experience.”

What makes your business special?

“I am very client focused, I like to have a connection with my clients and be inspired by their personalities just as much as their wedding style.  When you have something in common with your clients that connection makes the work special.  I like to have my own ideas and have my own take on what is trending, keeping things fresh and putting those ideas out to the world make my business special and worthwhile.  I also like to support and help other businesses grow.”

How do I find out more about The Sweet Stuff?

Website | Phone: 07931 815 789 | Facebook – @sweetstufflife

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