Wedding Album Design

Wedding Album Design

Stories belong in books. Regardless of whether it’s your favourite novel or your wedding photos, stories belong in books. This is one of many reasons why I’m a passionate believer in the power of the wedding album. Whilst framed images are perfect for all those stand-out moments, wedding albums are great for telling the story of the day including all the fun little in-between moments and things you might not even have known happened. After lovingly curating your collection of images (which we’ll do together) your favourites will be presented in a beautiful high-quality album means you, & any future generations, will be able to relive your wedding story at a moment’s notice which means your wedding will become a family heirloom.

Why would you get a Wedding Album?

For me, there are so many reasons to consider getting a wedding album. Firstly, it’s the perfect way to show off your wedding photos to friends or family & to give them a great feel for the day without making them wish they’d not asked to see them after you start sifting through 400+ images on a computer screen.

Beyond this, whilst having photos on a DVD, USB stick or an online gallery can be pretty convenient at first, it can have it’s own challenges in the long run. Firstly, USB drives aren’t going to be around forever – just look at how many computers still have CD/DVD players – and are not to be totally relied upon. A couple from one of the first weddings I even shot got in touch recently to say the USB stick they had their photos stored on had corrupted and they were panicked trying to track down their images (luckily I did still have digital copies of them).

It’s so much easier and more reliable to have physical access to a wedding album – most people will know exactly where their wedding album is and would grab them in a hurry if they had to leave the house in an emergency, but might not remember which email they need to log in to the gallery or which of your many hard drive your photos are saved on. As it’s so much easier to view them if they’re sat on your shelf in the living room, you’ll find you look at them much more often then if they’re only available digitally.

How does it all work?

  1. Choose the Wedding Album package when you book (or add it later on) which includes our 10-inch x 10-inch, 10-spread (20-page) album – it’s worth being aware that a lot of our couples do upgrade once they’ve seen their final images
  2. After your wedding, I’ll drop you an email with some guidance on how to cut your 400-500 photos down to a manageable number
  3. I realise that choosing your favourite photos, and therefore which ones won’t make the album, is no easy task so once you’ve had a go and narrowed it down a little we’ll hop on a video chat and talk through the ones you’ve selected looking out for photos that work well together, photos which don’t quite fit with the rest of the story and any overly similar photos. We’ll chat about whether there are any which we can remove. It’s really helpful to go through this stage with couples as there are often moments or stories from the day that I might not realise because of the personal connection you have to the photos.
  4. Once we’ve narrowed it down to the number of images you’re happy with (or you just can’t bear to take any more out!), we’ll do a quick run-through of the different personalisation options, calculate how many spreads it is likely to be – we suggest around 2-6 images per page and a rough cost.
  5. Assuming you’re happy with everything I’ll go away and get designing! When I’ve worked my magic I’ll send you a link that you can go through and let me know anything you’d change/ move around.

To give you a flavour of what a full design could look like, you can view our latest design, Frances & Seb’s album, below or get in touch to chat about your wedding or wedding album design