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Nottingham and the East Midlands

Seeking someone to tell your story in a fun, fuss-free way? We’re Dave Fuller Photography. We are Nottingham wedding photographers who specialise in creating natural, joy-infused images that capture the full emotion of your day, from those early morning butterflies to those joyous ‘we did it!’ post-ceremony air punches.

Never contrived or posed, we go with your flow, discreetly documenting all those beautiful blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. Like to know more? Come on in and have a nosy around our corner of the internet.

Weddings go so fast.
How will you remember yours?


Hi, we’re Dave and Amy Fuller, a wedding photographer duo based in Nottingham. We’ve been shooting weddings in a light-hearted photojournalistic style at venues across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and beyond for over five years.

Our love for wedding photography grew from our own wedding experience. Bombarded with wedding traditions at every turn, we set out to transform the numerous ‘shoulds’ we encountered into ‘coulds’. Including shaking up the traditional wedding photography formula – goodbye achingly long group shots and toe-curling poses, hello fun, shoot from the hip, unique photography!  

Like us, our photography style is laid back and relaxed. Like photography ninjas we mingle and move amongst you and your guests, quietly capturing the heart-jangling and humorous moments that matter; the look when you see each other for the first time, your loved ones’ wide smiles as you say your vows, your littlest bridesmaid spontaneously high-fiving the vicar. The images that pack a real visual punch and allow you to re-live each delicious moment.

Of course, we’ll happily whisk you away briefly for some gorgeous couples’ portraits and take group photos of your special folk but otherwise we’re hands off, leaving you to soak up every minute of your glorious day.    

Behind every beautiful photo

lies a beautiful story


  • You want timeless, beautiful images brimming with energy and emotion
  • You want a Nottingham wedding photographer that gets you and goes with your flow, discreetly capturing each magical moment as it unfolds
  • You want someone to document your entire day (not grab their coat after the first dance) from bridal preparations through to goodbye bear hugs
  • You plan to have children of all sizes at your wedding – we are fluent in Kid which makes for epic shots of children doing stuff (skidding onto the dance floor is just the beginning!)
  • You like doing things your way – an outdoor wedding in a woodland glade? An epic bridal entrance powered by balloons? A show-stopping exit ceremony with live mariachi band? Awesome! We’re fans of doing things a little differently too.


Think we might be the one for you? Well obviously not the one, as hopefully you’ve nailed that part. To make sure we’re the right fit for you, follow these simple steps:

  1. Have a good look around our portfolio. Like what you see? Can you see yourself in these images?
  2. Peek at our pricing. We’ve laid it all out for you so there’s no surprises, just simple, straightforward, affordable wedding photography package prices.
  3. Confirm our availability. We tend to get booked months in advance and because we like to give our all to every couple, we only take on so many weddings a year. If you’ve got a date in mind, get in touch.
  4. Finger’s crossed we’re free! We’ll drop you a line asap to arrange a time to chat through your plans and the phenomenal photos we can create. Whether you prefer face to face over a nice cup of tea (Dave loves tea. And cake), phone chat or Zoom, we’re easy.
  5. FREE Engagement Shoot – To make sure we’re the right fit we offer a free engagement photoshoot. It’s a great way to see how we roll, plus you get some splendid couple shots to keep too.
  6. Like what you see and want us to shoot your big day? Payment of a small deposit confirms your booking and reserves your date!

Ready to get started? To check our availability, get in touch here.


Your Wedding. Your memories


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