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Your Family Shoot

So, you’re looking for stunning images of your kids or family that you can put proudly on your wall?

You’re after a fun photography session?

You like the outdoors - splashing in puddles, climbing trees and exploring woodlands?

Great! You’re in the right place!

If you hate being in front of the camera and you hate being in photos. That's fine - Dave is the same! All this really means is that you haven't found the right photographer yet.

We know you want to feel natural and to enjoy yourself whilst having stunning photos taken, that's why we like to get out in nature, explore and have fun on our photo shoots!

When we've created some stunning photos of your lovely family we just LOVE to design beautiful wall galleries that you will be proud to display on your wall.

So, how does it all work?

1. Planning

Firstly, you'll have a consultation with us where we'll find out a bit more about your fun-loving family and what makes you tick.

We'll also talk about what you want to do with your images. Most of our clients want beautiful framed prints that they can display proudly on their walls. If that's you, we'll talk about where you're planning to hang it and if you can send us a picture - that would be perfect! When we know the colour. size and atmosphere of the room we can make suggestions on the perfect location for your shoot.

This consultation will usually be over the phone, although we can use Skype or even meet for a coffee if you're really close!

Choose your time and date for us to chat - we're really looking forward to talking to you! A booking fee is not payable until after the consultation.

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2. The Photo Shoot

We know you might not love being in front of the camera. That's fine. There might be a little uncertainty and nervousness when you arrive, but you'll soon realise it's just fun family time! We'll go for a walk; run, jump and splash in puddles.

Remember when you were a kid and were told to "Smile!" or say "CHEEESE!"? Remember how the photos have a horrible cheesy smile? We don't do that. We like the natural, facial expressions and emotions that you'll see in your day-to-day life!

We may ask you to sit in a certain area or move you towards the best light. But mostly it'll just be you and your family.

You and your family - having fun!

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3. Let's design something amazing

Your experience doesn't end with the photo shoot. We'll meet around a week later.

You'll be treated to an in-person viewing of your photos. It'll be you, me, coffee and of course cake (Dave's favourite!)

If you're like most of our clients, you'll probably want to display your image in your home. That's great! You'll be amazed at what we can create from your images. I can even show you what it will look like on your wall!

Don't forget, if your husband wants to be involved in this side of things, that's great - just make sure you chose a time when you'll both be available. If not - there'll be more cake for us!

This viewing can take place wherever you like - at home when the kids are in bed, in a coffee shop or pretty much anywhere you feel comfortable.

Still got questions?

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