Meet your wedding photographers

Hi! We’re Dave and Amy Fuller, a photography duo from Nottingham. On your wedding day you’ll spend most of the day with your wedding photographer, so we think it’s pretty important we get to know each other, so you can trust us and ultimately that we get along!

So who are we?

We live in Kimberley just outside Nottingham, we love the outdoors, travelling and our biggest passion, other than photography, is surfing! Most of our holidays involve the beach and usually a beach with lovely, mellow waves (or at least that’s the dream!)

We had been together for nearly 11 years when got married in a stunning barn just outside Salisbury, our home town, having met in secondary school. When planning our wedding we soon realised we needed to ignore the ‘shoulds’ of tradition and do things our way and we LOVE seeing other couples doing just that! We had a legal service the day before and then the real fun started! We had a DIY wedding; think lots of handmade signs, Amy’s old English teacher (and now qualified celebrant) conducting a meaningful service, garden games and ultimately an awesome party with a swing band and open bar which was lovingly handmade by our super friends (thanks Matt & Niv!)

We came out of the experience feeling like the traditional ‘shoulds’ were more like ‘coulds’. We encourage other couples to do things their way, to be non-traditional, and to do things because they love it not because it’s what other people would expect!


Hi, I am Dave! I’m the main photographer at Dave Fuller Photography (hence the name!)

  • Cornwall, or any beach is my ‘happy place’

  • I love bingeing on terrible action films on Netflix whilst Amy is out

  • I really like cake, although I can’t eat gluten so this is a lot harder than it used to be!

  • My dream holiday would be Hawaii. We WILL get there one day!

  • Die Hard is my favourite Christmas film

  • My perfect night in would involve good friends, a BBQ and a fire pit, with Amy of course!

  • I make a mean Sunday roast. Thanks Dad for your mad roast potato skills.

  • I’m a bit on the dyslexic side.

  • I use too many exclamation marks, adjectives and generally ramble when I’m writing (from my days as a primary school teacher) so Amy has to copy check and amend everything (including this, cheers me dears).

Photograph from the very talented   Stephanie Butt Photography  .

Photograph from the very talented Stephanie Butt Photography.

Amy exploring Wollaton Hall in Nottingham whilst preparing for a recent pre-wedding photoshoot.

Amy exploring Wollaton Hall in Nottingham whilst preparing for a recent pre-wedding photoshoot.

Hola, I’m Amy! I’m the second photographer and copy checker (see above!).

  • I’ve discovered a love of photography thanks to Dave, but have been loving even more getting to know so many different, unique couples through Dave Fuller Photography weddings. So that probably means I’m excited to meet you too :)

  • Although Cornwall is also my happy place, over the last few years my local waters at Colwick Park have become an equal first thanks to our pal at the amazing SUP Yoga & Fitness UK (go check her out on Facebook and come join in on our paddle boarding sessions!)

  • I don’t have a dream holiday location, it just has to involve surfing or paddle boarding.

  • Dave’s claim about his Sunday roast skills is dubious, I help out a lot.

  • I LOOOOOVE gardening

  • My perfect night in is lying on the sofa after a day out on the water, with a fire going, a beer in hand and a bit of Gogglebox.