About Us

About Dave Fuller Photography

Hello! Want to know more about who we are? Don’t blame you, after all, you’re potentially spending your wedding day with us!

We are Dave & Amy, an easy-going, fun wedding photography duo from Nottingham, based in Kimberley to be exact – famous for coal mining and hosiery, apparently. Dave is the main photographer who takes vibrant and, fun wedding photos. Amy is Dave’s wife and a skilled second photographer, plus she’s awesome at filming for our highlight videos.

By day, Amy is Dr Fuller – a researcher but by night she is The Batman! Oh no, wait. I mean she’s also an awesome second photographer and videographer which is, of course, similarly exciting but perhaps slightly less of a secret!

Having a natural talent for capturing strong images (and now fully trained in the ‘Dave Fuller’ photography technique), Amy is also available to take images of your wedding, ensuring you get complete coverage of your day.   

To find out what we are like, you’ll find lots of juicy snippets below. If you have any more questions, get in touch here.


I’m a total tea-head. In fact, I’m turning into a bit of a tea geek. My current favourites are by Bird & Blend. Tea also goes wonderfully well with cake.

Before my wedding photographer days, I was a primary school teacher. This is where I honed my child conversation skills, super handy for shooting kid-friendly weddings and family photos.

I love surfing and paddle boarding, any day Cornwall is my perfect day.

I make a mean Sunday roast.

My must-see Christmas film is Die Hard (yes, it is a Christmas film.)


Having been fully trained in the Dave Fuller Photography technique, I am loving being a part of Dave’s wedding photography. I particularly enjoy meeting so many different couples and seeing them in their element on their wedding day.

I love being on (and in) the water. Be it lake, river or sea, water is my happy place. Locally, my favourite spot is Colwick Park for messing around on my paddle board. (Check out my pal SUP Yoga and Fitness UK & join us!)

My perfect day is spending a day out on the water with great friends before curling up in front of Gogglebox.

I love a good garden centre and will easily spend far too much money on plants. Oops!

My must-see Christmas film is Elf (I have never seen Die Hard so I couldn’t possibly comment on whether it’s a Christmas film or not).


Our love of wedding photography stems from crafting our own wedding celebration in 2015. Frustrated with wedding customs (coordinating chair covers, really?) we pursued our own path.

Having our legal ceremony the day before meant we could really have fun with our celebration. We threw an awesome party with garden games, live swing band and open bar. Lots of elements were personalised and hand-made by our friends and family (clever sticks) making it even more memorable and meaningful.

That’s when Dave thought, I like doing things differently and that every couple should have the option to choose what they want on their special-ist of days – especially when it comes to their wedding photography.

We set out to shoot weddings in a relaxed, un orchestrated way that fitted and flowed with our couples. Less ‘Can you just do that thing you did again?’ and more ‘Now THIS is a magical shot’. We’re pleased to say we’ve been shooting weddings ever since.        
In a nutshell, we love what we do. We get to spend the day surrounded by lovely, loved-up people having the party of their lives. It’s a privilege – not to mention a brilliant buzz – to be part of that.

Our photography style is rooted in documentary, which has lots of other fancy terms like ‘reportage’ and ‘photojournalistic’. It means we work in the moment, capturing all the special, silly and spontaneous things as they happen.

We operate with minimal equipment (often just our cameras, a Nikon Z6iis) and as far as possible, natural light. This allows me to weave in and out, capturing all the wonderful bits.

The results are real-life, relaxed images full of feeling.   

We’re friendly, easy going & like to have a bit of a laugh! Rather than take over, we blend in, mingling, chatting and having fun with your guests. As well as putting people at ease, our ‘softly, softly’ approach means I’m able to slip unnoticed into the heart of the action.

Also, we love cake.

Hey, we understand everyone is different, and while some couples love the camera others visibly stiffen and die a little inside. Absolutely don’t worry, our ability to blend in means you and your guests rarely (and we mean rarely) even know we’re there.

If we’re shooting just you (say post-ceremony, a couple shoot or engagement shoot) we’ll work with you, play some games to make sure you feel at ease and have a laugh (as well as getting awesome photos!)

Dave shot his first wedding way back in 2014 and, after being trained up in the Dave Fuller Photography style, Amy became the second photographer back in 2019.

We shoot weddings across East Midlands, including Nottingham and Derby but also happily travel further afield to Sheffield, Birmingham and the Peak District.

I also shoot weddings as far as Cornwall, and if you’re heading to Hawaii, I’ll happily follow you there (although this might cost a little extra!)

All travel and accommodation within the UK is included within the package price – if you’re planning an overseas wedding get in touch and we’ll let you know of any additional costs.

We’re are pretty outdoorsy. We share passions for surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, whilst Dave enjoys cycling and . In fact, we love the outdoors so much that we’ve taken the step of making our photography business greener by offsetting any pesky carbon dioxide emissions we make by planting trees. We currently plant 12 a month and if you book a wedding, we’ll plant even more in your name.

We love working with couples set on creating unique, slightly alternative weddings that truly represent who they are. The ones who do things not because other people expect it but because they love it. And because of our love of the outdoors, relaxed, outdoor weddings are some of our favourites as well.

I could go on but it would be much more fun to chat in person over tea and cake right?