Megan and Will are such a fun couple. From gaming online to spinning on the dancefloor, this couple knows how to have fun!

Their story kicked off in a virtual realm, where they battled mythical creatures and embarked on heroic quests in the land of RuneScape. Little did they know that their online connection would transcend screens and boundaries. Despite the distance between Megan’s Canadian & Will’s Nottinghamshire homes they couldn’t resist spending more and more time together, both in the digital realm and in real life.

After a while, Megan made a courageous move and packed her bags, ready to embark on a grand adventure across the Atlantic. The visa wait might have felt like an eternity but this winter Megan finally landed on UK soil and when I met them for their engagement shoot, she had been living in the UK for about 3 months and was only just beginning to think of it as home.

When I first chatted with Megan and Will, their excitement was contagious and from what they said I knew it was going to be a lovely chilled-out day. The wedding day arrived, and it was full of love and laughter. Megan and Will’s infectious smiles radiated throughout the venue, spreading joy to all their guests. From the heartfelt celebrant ceremony to the epic reception, every moment was a testament to their unwavering love for each other. They danced, they laughed, and they had an awesome time!


Venue – Rufford Mill

Celebrant – Ceremonies By Leni

Cake – Clare Ellen Cake Design

Flowers – Flower Barn Floral Designs,

Megan and Will’s wedding was a testament not only to their incredible love but also to the collaborative efforts of these talented professionals. Their contributions added layers of joy, beauty, and meaning to an already magical day, leaving a lasting impression on everyone lucky enough to be part of the celebration.

All that’s left to say in congratulations to the lovely Megan and Will!

Like our vibe? Where next?

Like our vibe?

Where next?


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