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The Best Nottingham Wedding Planners

Okay, there’s no denying it. Weddings can be tough to organise. It’s probably the biggest celebration you have ever organised (and maybe the biggest you ever will!) You may have a Filofax (are they still a thing?) of magazine cuttings and wedding inspiration from when you were 15 or you may have never even given it a minutes thought. Either way, there is still a tonne of things to consider & organise, and that’s not to mention having someone to manage the day itself. This is why, if you haven’t already, it might be worth considering choosing one of these amazing Nottingham wedding planners.

But, which one to pick?

After working in Nottingham for years now, and met a whole bunch of awesome wedding suppliers we feel we know some of the best. So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite wedding planners (in no particular order!) in Nottingham and the East Midlands to help you with that choice:

If one is missing that you’d like to see added, please send us a message, we’ll be updating this with example images, blog posts, or galleries for each amazing wedding planner! If you have any questions or want to know our thoughts on a particular business, please contact us.

We know there are a whole lot of awesome wedding suppliers in Nottingham, we’ve been writing about a whole range this year, from videographers, celebrants, entertainers and planners to flowers, cakes and makeup artists.

that black and white cat weddings

Why do we think that black and white cat weddings are awesome Nottingham wedding planners?

We love that black and white cat weddings love of all things outside – so do we! As Linzi said to me recently, “Not all planners are happy in wellies and getting wet!” and I think this is one of the great things about their business. She’s also a fab wedding planner, with an awesome list of contacts in the business, and a lovely person as well. She will always go above and beyond to ensure you have an amazing wedding!

We’ve met Linzi a number of times, but wanted to know more about her and that black and white cat wedding’s team and how they work – so we asked them!

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

“We are based in East Leake, South Nottingham but travel across the UK. Most of our weddings are in the Midlands.” 

What’s the biggest advantage of having a wedding planner?

“Definitely planning your wedding with zero stress! For outdoor weddings particularly, we put in place all the infrastructure needed for you to bring your celebration to life. We take care of all the wedmin so you both can enjoy all the fun parts of planning your wedding day. We have purpose-built wedding planning packages for outdoor weddings which are built from our previous customers feedback.” 

How would you describe your business in three words!

“Outdoor, friendly & fun!”

What inspires you in your business?

“Our couples. Seeing their smiles on their wedding day as it all comes together perfectly is just priceless. It’s setting off smoke bombs and getting covered in purple smoke to get the perfect photo. It’s corralling family and friends for that sparkler shot. It’s making sure the days goes smoothly without anyone knowing that we’ve fixed a problem in the background.” 

On average, how much do people spend with you?

Our most popular outdoor wedding planning package is priced from £1,750 which includes a bespoke wedding planning meeting, on demand support throughout and on the day management for your wedding weekend. Full wedding planning is priced between 10% and 15% of total budget.

What makes your business special?

“We are outdoor wedding specialists. It’s what we enjoy the most and we know how to deal with all the challenges an outdoor wedding can bring which includes wind, rain or sun! If you want a supportive and friendly team on your side for an outdoor wedding day, we are the ones for you! We go the extra mile to make your wedding day one of a kind.

Our team has also been featured in the Times, HELLO! mag and many more – we were also voted best East Midlands wedding planner 3 years in a row at the English Wedding Awards. We also won best national planner in one of those years. You can be reassured you’re in safe plans with our multi award winning team.” 


Instagram – @thatblackandwhitecatweddings

Facebook -@Thatblackandwhitecat

Willow And Rust

Why do we think Willow and Rust are awesome Nottingham wedding planners?

We first discovered Sam from Willow and Rust via Instagram and it was her vintage style that initially drew our eye to her work. After a little reading more about her and her business though I also discovered we shared the same ethos when it comes to the environment and reducing the environmental impact of wedding planning.

The first thing you read on Willow and Rust’s website sums her up perfectly – “Glamorous vintage meets sustainable elegance”. Beautifully styled and planned wedding that won’t destroy the planet – sounds perfect to us!

We were lucky enough to meet Sam at a recent wedding and took the opportunity to chat to her about her business, her ethos and what makes Willow and Rust special.

Where are you based and how far from Nottingham do you travel?

I’m based in Derbyshire and mainly cover the East Midlands area, but I’ll always consider anywhere, so get in touch!

What’s the biggest advantage of having a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner reduces the stress and anxiety of planning your day. The worry of getting it right and making your dream and vision a reality is taken away, which gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the process knowing you will have the day of your dreams.

I specialise in planning, and/or styling, Sustainable Outdoor Weddings. This type of event can make the process a lot more complicated, when you’re dealing with a completely blank canvas. Then you add in the sustainability aspect and it adds even more things to think about. That’s when a planner can be invaluable!

If however you don’t want the full planning experience and feel you have this part of it covered, I can also help with just the styling side, making sure your wedding is picture perfect. I also hire out all of my props and tableware and will source or create bespoke pieces when requested. So if there is something specific you have in mind just let me know!

How would you describe your business in three words!

Sustainable, Vintage, Elegance.

What inspires you in your business?

The desire to help people do their bit for the environment while creating a beautiful unique event. To be sustainable without compromising on aesthetic. I love to see people’s reactions when they see their venue dressed for the day, seeing their vision come to life.

Creating something amazing out of nothing, starting with a blank field, garden or woodland, barn or other location and building the event from the ground up.

On average, how much do couples spend with you?

For planning services, on average between £2000-2500, I do however offer a variety of packages. I am seeing a lot more intimate and micro-weddings at the moment so I’m happy to tailor my packages to individual needs and budgets. But if it’s styling and props that couples need help with, this can be much less.

What makes your business special?

I would say the combination of style and sustainability, that when put together creates beautiful unique events whilst considering the impact that a wedding has on the environment. We only have one world and we need to start and take care of it!

If your dream is to get married surrounded by nature in a unique venue but also have minimal impact on the environment then Willow and Rust is for you!


Facebook – @WillowandRust | Instagram – @willow_and_rust

Orange Tree Weddings

Why do we think Orange Tree weddings are awesome Nottingham wedding planners?

Orange Tree Weddings are experts in creating relaxed, personalised & romantic weddings, and they specialise in creating your wedding to suit you. Janie and her team can help you from start to finish, from finding your venue to catering, from providing the booze to staffing the bar, from styling the venue to coordinating on the day itself.

Orange Tree Weddings could be the only wedding supplier you’ll need – so if you’re looking for an awesome, personalised wedding but don’t have the time, or creative juices to do it they could be the ones!

But you don’t want to just hear from us! We wanted to know more about Janie and her team, how she runs her business & what inspires here – so we asked her!

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

“My day to day office is based in Sherwood, Nottingham, but Orange Tree Weddings is essentially a mobile wedding business, and we travel all over the East Midlands, sometimes beyond! We have done over 100 weddings now, starting in 2013. Many of these weddings have been Leicestershire and Loughborough based as we were based that way when the business started. But each year we have worked in new areas and new venues and are constantly growing our portfolio of awesome weddings!”

What’s the biggest advantage of having a wedding planner?

“Ooh where shall I start! I am obviously biased but I’d say number one is, they have the experience!  Years and years of planning events means a wedding planner knows every little detail there is to think about when planning a killer wedding, taking all of the stress out of the planning for you.

They have the resources and contacts from years in the industry and have already done all the hard work, learnt from mistakes, and will have links to all of the best suppliers too (i.e. photographers, florists, cake makers, bands…..)

Having a planner there on the day is also invaluable. They will be there to coordinate and make sure everything runs smoothly. You shouldn’t be clock watching or thinking about anything but having a great time!”

View the autosave

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Inclusive, colourful & flexible!”

What inspires you in your business?

“I am inspired most when I am around other passionate people. I love being able to use my business as a way to involve and give opportunity to other creative businesses, such as connecting with and promoting a friends new cake making business, or using amazing local designers to create wedding stationary for my couples.

It is also super important to me to be inclusive in the industry, and help couples to see they can have the day they want. The wedding industry was a bit sterile for years and had a reputation for all weddings being a bit ‘cookie cutter’, but I love showing people that a mega fun, relaxed wedding is more than achievable, no matter what your budget!”

On average, how much do couples spend with you?

“Our services are so flexible it completely depends on whether a couple goes for a full package with us, including bar, canapes, wedding breakfast, styling planning etc. Or if they just want us to come in and give a helping hand with styling or just provide a bar. On average the full shebang with us is around £8-10,000 for around 80 guests.”

What makes your business special?

“Orange Tree Weddings is unique in that we provide more than one service. Our main selling point is that we are almost like a one stop shop for any dry hire venue wedding. This means you don’t need to juggle several different suppliers. Just let us do the work!

I also believe that having one mega team in charge of your day, rather than a catering team, a bar team, and a planner, really does make the whole thing run super smoothly! We run like a happy, well-oiled machine!”


Facebook – @orangetreeweddings | Instagram – @orangetreeweds

An example of Orange Tree Weddings’ awesome venue styling – Photographed by Josie Parr.

Benessamy Wedding & Event Planning

Why do we think Benessamy Wedding & Event Planning are awesome Nottingham wedding planners?

Val and her team at Benessamy Wedding & Event Planning are masters of luxurious, personalised and heartfelt weddings across the UK but also in the Caribbean (doesn’t a Caribbean weddings sound incredible..?) They pride themselves on going above and beyond what you would expect and they absolutely deliver every time. They are well organised, efficient and absolute pros at ensuring your wedding is sophisticated and personalised.

We needed to know more about Val and her team, so we asked her a bit about her business, what inspires her and why she thinks couples should hire a wedding planner.

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

“We’re based in Nottingham and plan weddings, parties and events in and around Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and The Cotswolds; and overseas weddings in the Caribbean. We love travel so we’re very happy to discuss plans for weddings in other areas of the UK and worldwide.” 

What’s the biggest advantage of having a wedding planner?

“Having an expert on hand to advise every step of the way and to take the weight of wedding planning off your shoulders – reducing stress and saving invaluable time.”

How would you describe your business in three words!

“Luxurious, heartfelt celebrations”

What inspires you in your business?

“Constantly striving to deliver beyond expectation and the incredible feedback we get from our wonderful clients!”

On average, how much do couples spend with you?

“Our pricing is bespoke but as a guide, full wedding planning is charged at 12-15% of the overall budget and is subject to a minimum fee.” 

What makes your business special?

“We’re known for our knowledge and experience, attention to detail and a passion for what we do. Each wedding or event is planned with a high level of care and attention so we limit the number of weddings and events we work on each year to make sure our clients receive a focused and personal service. 

Benessamy is an Elite Member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) – The UK’s leading association devoted to promoting professionalism in the wedding industry. Elite membership is by invitation only and subject to stringent requirements including the ability to demonstrate we consistently provide outstanding service.”


Facebook – @BenessamyEvents | Instagram – @benessamyweddings

Black Pearl Weddings & Events

Why do we think Black Pearl Weddings and events are awesome Nottingham wedding planners?

Hannah and her team at Black Pearl Weddings and Events specialise in supporting you from the initial idea stage & finding the venue, right through to the end of the ceremony. Although they also offer select support for a particular stage of your wedding planning journey, whether you know you’ve not got the creative eye for venue styling or it’s getting towards the big day and you’re worried you’ve forgotten something. Black Pearl Weddings and Events has a package for you.

We love what we know about Black Pearl Weddings and Events, but we needed to know more about Hannah and her team, inspiration, and what makes her business special – so we asked her!

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

“We cover the whole East Midlands, although our main office is Essex. We will travel across the midlands if the client requires it.”

What’s the biggest advantage of having a wedding planner?

“The biggest advantage to having a wedding planner really depends on what each person finds the most advantageous. For example, some people appreciate the reduction of planning stress and time freed up; others prefer the significant savings we can negotiate on suppliers; and some find having a sounding board and support as the most valuable part.”

How would you describe your business in three words!

“Elegant, exquisite & exclusive”

What inspires you in your business?

“The acorn to oak tree journey with clients, taking their ideas and conceptions and actualising them.”

On average, how much do couples spend with you?

“It depends entirely on their selected service – prices are listed on our website. Prices start at £150, up to £1000+.”

What makes your business special?

Black Pearl Weddings & Events set excellence as our standard. With superb planners of the highest quality and commitment, we only take on a specific number of events annually, to ensure the quality and attentiveness of our services is never compromised. Black Pearl Weddings & Events will never share your details with any third party, other than at a time when suitable suppliers have been sourced, prices negotiated, and it is entirely appropriate to bring supplier and client together to finalise the deal.


Instagram – @bpweddings | Facebook – @Blackpearlweddings

Nicole & Charlotte Wedding & Events Planning

Why do we think Nicole & Charlotte wedding & event planning are awesome Nottingham wedding planners?

If you’re looking for a bespoke wedding which is romantic and rustic, and want to enjoy a relaxing experience, Nicole and Charlotte could be just the people for you! They are experts in taking the stress out of wedding planning whilst focusing on ensuring their couples stories, loves and desires are included in their wedding day. What more could you need from a wedding planner?

We love what we know about Nicole and Charlotte, but we needed to know more them, their inspiration, and what makes them special – so we asked them a few questions!

Where are you based and how far from Nottingham do you travel?

We are based in Lutterworth and Rugby, however we love to travel around the Midlands for weddings and events. 

What’s the biggest advantage of having a wedding planner?

Wedding Planners take the stress and worry out of something that should be exciting! Having years of experience and knowledge of the industry ensures you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. We are there beside you to give advice and help with those important decisions.

How would you describe your business in three words!

Elegant, romantic and unique.

What inspires you in your business?

Our clients inspire us, each client has a vision and we love to take it and evolve it. The first meeting with new clients is always fun, hearing what ideas they may have and things they would like. Once we have this information we put together moodboards and concepts for them. 

Having happy clients always inspires us to do more!

On average, how much do couples spend with you?

We have a range of wedding planning packages to choose from but we can also create bespoke packages for clients needing that extra something, so our prices vary from wedding to wedding. For full wedding planning we charge 10-12% of the wedding budget, with a minimum fee. 

What makes your business special?

Our business is special because there are two of us to help guide you along the way! Our clients enjoy a relaxed experience because of our reliability, and our flexibility ensures that we can work to your needs.

We have six years of event planning under our belt to help guide you to the wedding of your dreams! 


Facebook @NicoleCharlotteEvents | Instagram – @nicolecharlotteevents

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