Emma & Rocky’s Wedding | August 2021

On a lovely summer’s day last August, Emma and Rocky finally got married at one of my favourite Nottinghamshire wedding venues, Donington Park Farmhouse. Like so many others they had to postpone their 2020 wedding and so were very excited to finally be able to tie the knot!

We absolutely love it when couples do their own thing with their wedding and these guys certainly did that. They had so many gaming-themed wedding elements to their wedding, from play station controller cuff links to the incredible three-storey gaming themed wedding cake below, from the groom’s Super Mario shoes to the game consoles for the evening’s entertainment and many more!

We always love to hear what our couples think about their weddings, their favourite bits and if they have any advice for other couples out there:

What was your favourite moment(s) from the wedding?

I’ll state the obvious which is actually the ceremony but also going into the field for some photos and having 20 mins with each other.
Going on the dance mats together was a definite favourite! Oh and the father-daughter-mother-son dance, that was so good!”

Did you see each other before the wedding? If not, did you like waiting or would you rather have done it differently? Tell me why or why not!

“I mean the waiting was killing Rocky but it was worth it to see Emma, the bridesmaid and the flower girls walk down that aisle.”

I’d love to hear about the vendors you loved the most! Who was it, and why?

“Gaming4Wedding – Wow, oh wow, they are absolutely amazing, the wedding wouldn’t have been the same without them!
Obviously you guys, you didn’t make us feel uncomfortable at all photography was always one of the things that I thought we were going to feel uncomfortable about, all the guests absolutely loved you and then also didn’t even realise you were there!
Green Fingers Florist Beeston – the flowers were absolutely exceptional, everything I wanted and more!
Donington Park Farmhouse – amazing venue, amazing staff, literally the perfect
Wedding venue, couldn’t ask for better
Savage Weddings – Sue and Rob are amazing, they did everything the way we exactly wanted them to!”

Would you have any advice for anybody DIYing things for their wedding?

“Don’t stress if things aren’t perfect, nobody will notice if something is slightly wrong, my table plan had 2 names in the wrong font, I nearly flipped a lid but I kept my cool and just left it, nobody notices.”

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples planning their wedding?

“Take 5 mins out to take time with each other and when people say it goes quick, I feel like I blinked and it was gone, so enjoy and savour the day!”

Do you have any stories, surprises or other fun things from the day you want to share?

“Rocky got some Nike air Air Force ones with our names mr and Mrs D on the back of them which were cute!”

What photography-related advice would you offer to other couples?

“Go for somebody you feel comfortable talking to, when we first met Dave and Amy they were so kind and so easy to talk to it made it so easy. Let the photographers do their thang! They know what they are doing else you wouldn’t have hired them!”

Everyone was genuinely amazed at how much you guys blended into the background. I remember on the stage, I saw Amy at one point crouching in a corner and thought I couldn’t do that job I’d have fallen over by now, but Amy you didn’t, we’ll done!
I really enjoyed our time at Wollaton Park for our little engagement photo shoot and you made us so comfortable then, it’s been an easy ride with you guys and which we could do it again and have you guys again!

Emma & Rocky | August 2021

Check out their photos below and as these guys love gaming so much, Rocky actually proposed to Emma by creating a level on Mario Maker with the works ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ & you can check that out underneath the photos!

Check out how Rocky proposed – how cool is this?!

Like our style? Where next?

Like our style?

Where next?

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