2023 – A Year In Review

2023 was an awesome year and we were lucky enough to photography some awesome weddings. But rather than me bang on about how great the weddings are, instead I asked our couples about their favourite photos (and I’ve added a few reviews in for good measure!)

“It’s been so difficult picking our favourite photos, we have about 700 favourites! We’ve narrowed it down to 6 though.

1. The two bridesmaids watching me walk towards Dad. I can’t explain why I like it, but I think it’s one of the photos we wouldn’t have been taken if we didn’t have Amy there so we’re glad we had you both!

2. Fran and Dad before the ceremony both laughing at ourselves for crying! We were both surprised with how emotional we were, I had been so relaxed until that point!

3. The confetti photo, I love how bright and colourful it is with the rainbow confetti, blue sky and bright pink dress! 

4. My Mum and Grandad trying to get Mum’s shoe out out of the grating. It’s such a funny moment and little behind the scenes to what else was going on

5. The two of us under the arch, this is Jack’s favourite. It felt like a private moment between the two of us and its so we’ll composed with the arch and lights.”

6. The photo of us post first dance with our noses squashed together, I was so glad we had made it through the dance!”

Tal & Liam‘s Wedding Party

“We love the photos – they are so much fun!! Exactly the vibe we were going for, thank you!”

What was your favourite photo?

I think this is a great one, it captured how I constantly smile/ laugh at Liam’s stories and his come-backs! This is me all the time around him!

“We had so much fun showing all our family the photos and they absolutely love them! We picked out a few of our favourites here with the stories behind them:

  • The one of us leaving the orangery was the moment we both realised we just got married and very much a “what just happened!?” moment. 
  • The one with the ribbon wrapped around us was when our friends gifted us the bench. This is where we had our first date, every anniversary since and where we got engaged.
  • The one walking through the gardens where Dave’s hand is raised, is the “everything’s fine” shot, after my veil got tangled in the hedge, pulled my head back and Dave came to my rescue.”

“We chose the confetti shot as it’s so dynamic, the colours explode across the photo and everyone’s faces make it both charming and hilarious. Little did they know we’d spent hours throwing confetti samples over ourselves in the back garden in the weeks beforehand to test how they’d look! The photo really shows how ecstatic we were on our special day.

We chose this archway photo of us entering our venue to applause and cheers because of how purely hyper we both look at starting our new chapter stepping through that figurative door! It’s bright, happy, colourful and demonstrated our levels of pure excitement! It also might have helped that we’d smelled our pies being prepared for serving as we came in! 

We chose this field photo because of the blend of formality of our garb and how chilled out and relaxed we look, stomping into our new chapter. The fields and grass around us remind us of our mutual love of the outdoors and it really was the perfect connection to have that on our special day. We’ll always remember the random lady taking her dog for a walk 2mins before this was taken and getting hyper over how lovely Charlotte looked!”

Like Our Vibe? Where Next?

Like Our Vibe?

Where Next?

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