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Why do we think Arlo Arts is an awesome alternative bouquet designer?

Arlene is another incredible paper florist, creating everything from realistic flowers, stylised blooms, origami creations or a mixture of the above. Her flowers are so versatile, make great keepsakes and are, of course, amazing for those with allergies!

She may not be local to us in Nottingham, but the nature of her flowers (paper) means they can be shipped worldwide!

Where are you based and how far from Nottingham do you travel?

“I’m based in Bedford, and have a retail shop in Bedford town centre (currently closed but I’m still able to create bespoke creations from home).

Wedding flowers can be shipped worldwide, and a Las Vegas wedding is the furthest one I’ve created wedding flowers for.”

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Unusual, unconventional & rewarding.”

Why do you think people should consider an alternative bouquet?

“I love creating flowers for people whatever the occasion, and I’m always blown away when I hear people say “What? They’re made from paper!” The challenge of making new types of flowers is always inspiring.

Going from the initial consultation with the couple and turning their ideas into something beautiful for their special day is a great feeling. Seeing the joy (and tears) when I deliver the finished creations is fantastic.

It’s also a privilege to be asked to recreate wedding flowers for first wedding anniversaries (since it’s paper).”

What inspires you in your business?

“The beauty of paper flowers is that they keep, are completely bespoke for the special couple and can incorporate personalised elements. The flowers can be realistic or stylised, or a combination, and being able to incorporate elements from the wedding theme is a lovely touch – Marvel comics and Harry Potter are popular themes. Also, being able to incorporate a special flower (or flowers) in the bouquet as a memento for someone who couldn’t be there adds a personal touch.

They are created before the special day so no last minute worries waiting for the flowers to arrive, plus they won’t wilt on the day if it’s hot.

Plus they’re perfect for anyone who has allergies or for destination weddings.”

On average, how much do people spend with you?

“On average it’s around £300-£400, but since every couple is different and want different things it does vary greatly.”

What makes Arlo Arts special?

“Everything I make it handcrafted by me, I cut all petals and leaves by hand so every flower is built up layer by layer. I’m passionate about paper flowers and my journey started just over 5 years ago with my own wedding.

I’m unique in the UK since I’m the only paper florist that has a retail shop as well. People can pop into the shop (when I’m allowed to  re-open) and see me working, see the creations and work-in-progress, see the wide range of flowers, colours and paper I have available.”

How do you get in contact with Arlo Arts?


Instagram – @arloarts | Facebook – @arloarts

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