As the autumn leaves were still on the trees, and the colours were still looking stunning, we were really excited to meet Chloe and Craig (and of course their gorgeous kids, Spencer and Frazer) at Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire for their engagement photoshoot/ family photoshoots (really it was an engagement shoot, but they brought the kids along as well!). These meet-ups are always great, we get together with a couple for the first time, talk through their plans for their wedding and do a quick photography session, all before they book or commit to using us for their wedding.

With pre-wedding photography sessions we absolutely love it when a couple take us somewhere which means something to them, and we love it even more if we haven’t been there before. These guys certainly picked a stunning spot. They brought along their lovely kids, Spencer and Frazer, which added a whole different, more playful element to the session!

Chloe and Craig love Elvaston Castle as it’s just around the corner from their Derbyshire home and often take their children for walks there, so it was their first choice as soon as we talked about going for a pre-wedding photography session – if the place means something to you it always makes the images mean more as well. We met for a quick coffee and a cake (Dave can never say no to cake..!) at the cafe inside Elvaston Castle before exploring the beautiful autumnal grounds.

Elvaston Castle is a great place to explore with monsters carved out of wood, little hidey-holes in tree trunks and even a tiny mouse house in a tree stump! It was adorable seeing little Frazer knocking on the door – although unfortunately there was nobody home, we decided the little mouse must have been sleeping.

When we do family photography sessions there’s often one character that dominates the pictures (it’s usually the youngest and cutest!) and this shoot was no different. To top it all, this young man used all his strength to try and pull a leaf off a tree, unfortunately without success, but his smile returned when I offered him a lovely orange leaf from off the floor.

So what was the first thing to think to do with it?

It’s always lovely to see real interactions between parents and their kids which don’t always get captured through day-to-day life but it’s just how you know your kids isn’t it?

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