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Why do we think CRYyBest is an awesome alternative bouquet creator?

We first met the awesome Claire from CRZyBest back in 2018 at a photo shoot Tying the Nott wedding fair and we were blown away by her incredible bouquets, like this incredible creation in the photo above. Claire is an eco-friendly silversmith and creator of bespoke jewellery, accessories and bouquets, and she lovingly hand makes all of this in her garden ‘Shedquarters’. If you want something unique that will last a lifetime CRZyBest could be just what you’re after!

Where are you based and how far from Nottingham do you travel?

“I’m based in Derby, working from my CRZyBest Shedquarters and currently travel to events around Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, although my creations travel all over the world.”

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Unique, creative & evolving.”

Why do you think people should consider an alternative bouquet?

“I am constantly inspired by the world around me, things I love and the people that ask me to create something completely bespoke for them. I can adapt to requests and apart from alternative bouquets, recently I created a mixed media headdress for an entertainments company, large pieces of wall art for an interior designer, bespoke memorial jewellery for individuals and turned business logos into branded accessories. When a customer comes to me to ask me for something a bit different, I am inspired to push the boundaries of what I can do!”

What inspires you in your business?

“I think people should consider what it is that they love and what they actually want! A CRZyBest alternative bouquet can be created to a person’s exact specifications. I can colour match to outfits or themes and I can create tiny sculptures to represent whoever and whatever you want. The bouquet can be made as small or as large as you want, I usually create bouquets from around 120 stems for the smallest to 600 plus stems for larger bouquets in. The shapes of the bouquets so far have been a traditional round or cascade shape, although I’m happy to explore any shape or size.”

On average, how much do couples spend with you?

“I work to a customer’s budget and I’d like to think that I don’t have an average customer!”

CRZyBest also creates awesome jewellery like these stunning earrings from a shoot a couple of years back.

What makes CRYyBest special?

“Combining my Silversmithing, Sculpting and Ceramicist skills and I am able to draw on in depth knowledge of a variety of materials to be able to create whatever a person asks for whether it be a tiny sculpture of a pet or a giant themed bouquet inspired by your favourite TV series!”

How do you get in touch with CRZyBest?


Instagram – @crzybest | Facebook – @CRZyAccessories | Etsy

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