Kate & Bence’s Engagement shoot | April 2022

Strangely enough, I find engagement shoots are so often more suited to those who don’t feel naturally feel that comfy in front of the camera. It’s actually people like Kate & Bence who openly would suggest they weren’t the happiest being photographed (as do many of our couples when they book) that get the most out of an engagement shoot. Our job as wedding photographers is to make you feel at ease so you can get on with enjoying your wedding day and just treat us like another guest (who just so happens to take awesome photos!)

When it comes to choosing a location I find that choosing somewhere meaningful really helps and these guys certainly did that. I met Kate at Bence at Wentworth Castle which was the spot they got engaged so a really special place for them and we even went on a little hunt for the exact spot it happened (it was within lots of different bushes and they weren’t 100% sure which one it actually was!)

It was a really lovely session and felt like I knew them both much better by the end of the session which made it super easy to slip right into their awesome wedding later in the year.

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