2022 – A Year in Review

2022. Where to start? It was our busiest year yet and it was absolutely awesome! We did weddings everywhere from castles to tipis, from churches to back gardens & hillside farms overlooking stunning countryside. To name but a few highlights, we photographed fireworks, opening champagne with a sword (!), cake cutting with a sword (!), a Lord of the Rings themed wedding (including more cake cutting with a sword – swords seem to have been pretty popular in 2022!), a magician blowing minds, a couple cycling down the confetti aisle, a dog ‘signing’ the marriage certificate (good one Spud!) and we finished the year with the most lovely elopement.

In 2022, we also started doing our 5-minute video highlights and, as it’s our first year of these, you can check out our favourites from this year here. They are really fun new addition and we’ve loved making them!

I’ve picked out a selection of my favourite photos from 2022 below and I’ve also included a few of our couple’s favourites (and why they’re their favourites!) and a few snaps of their photos sitting proudly on their walls as well.

Before you check out our review of 2022, we want to say a massive thank you to all our amazing couples & all the awesome suppliers we’ve worked with this year. It’s been such fun and we feel so privileged to be part of these weddings and thankful to you all for helping us to continue to do this incredible job!

Our lovely couple’s favourites (and why!)

Seb & Frances:

“My (Frances) favourite is the pic of us looking at each other. I love it because we both look awesome and my flowers are stunning. but also I think it’s a perfect snapshot of a perfect day. There’s no rain, it’s sunny and we look so happy. It reminds me of how incredible I felt on the day and how euphoric it was marrying seb. I love the way we are looking at each other in this pic, and I hope that we can still capture this moment of pure love and happiness in 40 years time. 

Seb’s favourite pic is the bike, of course! He loves this pic as it captures how much fun we had and how epic it was to see everyone’s faces when he turned the corner on his cargo bike.

Amy & Ross:

My personal favourites are these…. I look at these photos and I feel all the emotions of the day all over again, and it fills me with so much love. And the ones with Ross and the bouquet I love and make me smile so much. That’s my human! ❤️ Even though I’m still really pissed he pulled it off better than me 😂

Karis & Martyn:

“My first favourite photo would be this one. After the ceremony where I get the first kisses with my gorgeous wife! The second one is this, it’s such a beautiful photo and just showed off Karis’s dress beautifully and with an amazing backdrop!

Shannon & Jamie:

“To be honest, I could send you so many favourites! You’ve got some great ones of people throwing axes…Chas on the guitar… First dance… Ivar…. The one thing I love is everyone looks like they’re having so much fun.

The one of me and Sally on the trampoline just laughing at one another but little do you know we have a photo just like that from like 8 years ago on a bouncy castle! There’s also a couple of my mum feeding Ivar in the marquee… And for me, I just love it, I love seeing my mum as a Geema.

Then there’s the one of my Grandpa shooting a bow and arrow (and I think he’s in the video you did for us as well) And to everyone else it just looks like someone joining in.. But to me, he’s my hero and at 80+ he’s shooting arrows at my wedding! 

See way too many photos!”

Claire & Tony:

“We think these ones capture the day well with the church photo and both families coming together at Wollaton Hall”

What our lovely couples said about us:

Ellie & Edward

“5 stars isn’t enough. Dave and Amy are not only fabulous at their jobs but they’re wonderful people too.” Ellie & Edward, July 2022.

Franki & Dave

“Dave and Amy are such lovely people. They blended into our wedding effortlessly and made us feel so comfortable when taking our couple’s photos. We 100% recommend Dave Fuller Photography!” Franki & Dave, September 2022.

Amy & Ross

“Dave and Amy were amazing from start to finish. communication all the way through was brilliant, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better, our photos are incredible, we didn’t even notice them really on the day, they just blended in with all of the guests. Two of the nicest people we have met.” Amy & Ross, May 2022

So, there you have it, that just about wraps up 2022. It’s been an absolute blast, now 2023 couples you’re up. We can not wait to get back out there photographing more awesome weddings!

If you’ve not booked us (yet!) but can see yourselves in these kind of photos and feel like we’re you’re kind of vibe drop us a message below. We’ve currently still got some availability on select dates in 2023 and 2024.

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