The Best Nottingham Wedding Hairstylists

If you’ve arrived here you’re probably getting married, which is awesome – congrats! You’re also probably trying to figure out which of the many awesome Nottingham wedding hairstylists you want for your wedding? If this sounds like you, keep on reading!

We know there are a whole lot of awesome wedding suppliers in Nottingham, we’ve been writing about a whole range this year, from videographers, celebrants, entertainers and planners to flowers, cakes and makeup artists.

This blog however, is all about hairstylists! How do you choose the best hairstylist? In a similar way to choosing a makeup artists, it’s not all about how they make you look. It’s also about how they make you feel. You really want to gel with your hairstylist. Will they be able to tame those wedding day jitters, know when to crack a joke or give you a hug? Will they be the ones to set you up for the biggest, most exciting day of your life?

Having worked in the Nottingham area for a few years now, we’ve met some of the best local suppliers. Here’s our list of some awesome local wedding hairstylists (in no particular order!):

Moira Borg Hair Artist

Why do we think Moira Borg Hair Artist is an awesome Nottingham wedding hairstylist?

We first met Moira through her other job, managing Meadow Vale wedding venue, a stunning outdoor wedding venue in Nottingham. But we’ve since found out she’s clearly a very talented lady because she’s also an incredible hairstylist.

We think she’s absolutely spot on when she says being a hairstylist is about so much more than styling hair. It’s about attention to detail, it’s about creativity and experience and ultimately it’s about making the bride feel comfortable, happy and relaxed. If this sounds like the kind of vibe you’re after, Moira could be right up your street!

We wanted to know more about Moira Borg Hair Artist – so we asked her!

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

“I am based in a small village called Screveton in Nottinghamshire, I travel around UK, but if a wedding is further than a two hour drive I would ask for accommodation the night before, this insures I will be there on time the morning of the wedding.”

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Three words! That’s a tough one… ‘Artistic, bespoke hairstyling’’”

What inspires you?

“Many things inspire me, actually it can come from anywhere. Sometimes it the dress, their colour scheme or even after character. I do also enjoy looking at other artists work which is where I get some more inspiration and ideas.”

On average how much do people spend with you?

“The average spend with me is around £400, I have a minimum cost of £250 but then it depends how many extra bridesmaids the bride would like to add.”

What makes your business special?

“This might sound a little proud, but I believe what makes my business special is me. My brides don’t just pay for a hairstyle, they pay for my knowledge, my experience, my creativity, my attention to detail and it’s all that put together which the service that I am offering. Every bride gets my undivided attention as each one is special to me and not just ‘another job’. I love my work and I have missed not being able to do it this summer!”


Instagram – @moiraborg | Facebook – @moiraborghair

Plaits and Pin Curls

Why do we think Plaits and Pin Curls is an awesome Nottingham wedding hairstylist?

Lauren is one of the many lovely folk we’ve met through the awesome Unconventional wedding’s directory and suppliers group. And she’s an incredibly talented hairstylist, but, as we said, being a hair stylist is about more than beautiful hair which is why we love how much she champions women’s empowerment. From the photoshoot she’s arranged to making sure a bride looks, but more importantly, feels phenomenal on her wedding day, she certainly knows how to make a women feel at their best! What more could you need?

We wanted to know more about Lauren and her business – so we asked her!

Where are you based and how far from Nottingham do you travel?

“I’m local to Loughborough/ Leicestershire but cover Nottingham/Derby and most of the East Midlands. I’m about 30/40 minute drive from most popular nottingham bridal venues! But I really travel wherever, it depends on the party size and event time.”  

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Pampered, empowerment & passion.”  

What inspires you?

“Honestly, it’s a factor that often changes, mostly it’s making women feel pretty, it’s that simple & the most lovely version of themselves. It sounds odd to say I enjoy making women cry (oh that could be fun to take out of context) but tears of joy is a really nice thing! And it not just the hair, I attach buttonholes, get mum to stop faffing and get her in the car (a job in itself) and blow out candles and shut windows so the house is still standing when the bride comes home (far to frazzled to remember).”

How much do people spend with you?

“My pricelist is always available to view on my website, I know from being a bride myself nothing makes a wedding harder to budget for than “ask for a quote”; so they are available to view anytime! 

However, it really depends on your party size, I don’t have packages like a lot of suppliers, its simply per head – so it changes weekly! 

It is becoming more popular for bridesmaid to pay for themselves. In fact my bridesmaid brought her own dress, so times and traditions are certainly changing in who pays! (Or she really hated what I chose)”    

What makes Plaits and Pin Curls hairstylist special?

“I like to support women in every way, I have a genuine love for weddings, I always cry at dad getting his first look and squeal when I get photos of happy couples! I zip up dresses and have gone under far too many dresses to count to put forgotten garters on (oh fail). I suppose I’ve chosen to carry on watching Patrick Cameron (hair up god!) tutorials and practice new braids , enter national & international competitions to push myself and gain feedback.

I organised my own women’s’ empowerment photo shoots with clothing brands and even style for London Fashion Week and brave the parking (oh my not again in a hurry!).

Being chosen to be part of a brides morning is special and being able to support, encourage and embrace women to love their hair and how they look is a really phenomenal part of my job and weddings. I think it’s special if I can make it all tie in together doing what I’m trained to do.”


Facebook – @weddingdayhairbylauren | Instagram – @plaits_and_pin_curls

Lilly Monroes did both the hair and makeup at Chloe’s wedding we photographed last summer – doesn’t she look amazing?

Lilly Monroes Hair and Makeup

Why do we think Lilly Monroes Hair and Makeup is an awesome Nottingham wedding hairstylist?

We’ve not had the pleasure of actually meeting the lovely sisters over at Lilly Monroes in person (yet!), but we shot the wedding of Chloe (above) and Craig last summer and, well, doesn’t she look stunning? Chloe absolutely loved the work Lilly Monroes did on the morning of her wedding. As you can see from this great review she left them:

“Vendors wise, we loved all of them. But I think Lilly Monroes, who did all our hair and makeup in the morning were a standout on the day. Apart from doing a fantastic job and making us all look incredible, Danielle was very good at calming my nerves. I say nerves, maybe not nerves but I was really anxious as you can imagine, didn’t have much sleep. I think I got three hours tops and she just help me deal with those morning nerves, which I’ll be forever grateful for.

— Chloe, 2019

We wanted to know more about the sisters and their business, so we asked them!

Where are you based and how far from nottingham do you travel?

“We are based on Canning Circus just at the top of Nottingham, we travel all over for weddings including location weddings abroad.”

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Creative, happy & reliable”

What inspires you?

“We are inspired by happiness and building our clients confidence, we love to make our clients feel amazing inside and out.”

On average how much do people spend with you?

“Anything between £30 – £120.”

What makes Lilly Monroes Hair and Makeup special?

“I feel our business is special because we are very unique! It’s been about 2 sisters building their dreams and making an unbreakable bond as we have grown. We adore what we do everyday, we love to see our clients beaming with happiness. We put our all in to everything we do and to everyone we meet.”

Facebook @lillymonroes | 07876 888493 | Instagram @lillymonroes

Everyone’s Looking Rosie

Why do we think Everyone’s Looking Rosie is an awesome Nottingham wedding hairstylist?

Firstly, isn’t her business name just awesome? We love it! But perhaps more importantly, we love her modern, timeless hair styling, passion for her work and undeniable talent. As if you needed more than all that, she’s also an award winning hair stylist, having been a regional finalist multiple times in the wedding industry awards and was awarded a certificate of excellence from Bridebook.

However, we wanted to know more about Rosie and what inspires her – so we asked her!

Where are you based and how far from Nottingham do you travel?

“I am based in Cotgrave in South Nottinghamshire. I’m happy to travel anywhere really.”

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Specialist, bridal hairstylist”

What inspires you?

“I love weddings, I love hair and I never tire of seeing a bride’s face when her whole vision comes together.”

On average how much do people spend with you?


What makes Everyone’s Looking Rosie special?

“I’m a hairdresser with lots of experience and have even taught my craft to others. Wedding hair is my passion. I believe in giving each bride /groom a personal bespoke service. My signature look would be modern timeless and romantic but I am totally adaptable for every individuals needs.” 


Instagram – @everyoneslookingrosie

Facebook – @everyoneslookingrosie


Why do we think Rocknrollerhair is an awesome Nottingham wedding hairstylist?

We love Sarah’s passion for her work, her insane talent and ability to make brides feel awesome on their wedding day. If the thought of a haven to relax, get glammed up and listen to some old school RnB tunes sounds like your cup of tea then Sarah could be just what you’re after!

We wanted to know more about Sarah and RockNRollerHair – so we asked her!

Photo by Magda K Photography
Photo by Magda K Photography

Where are you based and how far from Nottingham do you travel?

“I am based in a lovely village called Plumtree which is about a 15/20 minute drive from Nottingham City Centre. The main bulk of my weddings are in Nottinghamshire but I travel UK wide as well as destination weddings.”

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Creative, edgy and versatile”

What inspires you?

“The sheer insane talent of the hair world! There is so much content out there now to absorb and utilise to get creative yourself! Seeing my clients grow in confidence from me doing their hair and making a difference to them inspires me daily.”

On average how much do people spend with you?

“Entirely depends on the service they are buying; I cover a wide range including, bridal hair, party/occasion hair, hair extensions and hairstyling training courses.”

What makes Rocknrollerhair special?

“I’ve developed completely from scratch a bold brand which has a different vibe within the marketplace. I pride myself on delivering a first class service to each of my clients and just love to work with people.

My offering is very versatile with all the elements I have built into the business and my home salon is a lovely haven for clients to come and relax, enjoy my old school RnB tunes and get glammed up for their special occasion. I came to this industry (some might say later in my working career) but my passion for it has no end and I am so excited for what the future holds for RocknRollerHair!” 


Instagram – @rock_n_roller_hair

Facebook – @RocknRollerHair

Hannah Blinko Hair Stylist

Why do we think Hannah Blinko Hair Stylist is an awesome Nottingham wedding hairstylist?

We love Hannah’s passion for making brides feel a more glamorous and beautiful version of themselves, we love her elegant and romantic hairstyles and we also love her attention to detail – a really important thing in ensuring brides look their best on their wedding day. As if you needed any more proof that Hannah is awesome, she is also an award winning hairstylist having recently won the East Midlands Hairstylist of the year at the Wedding Awards 2020.

We wanted to know more about Hannah – so we asked her!

Where are you based and how far from Nottingham do you travel?

“I’m based in a lovely historic town called Newark in Nottinghamshire. This is around 30 minutes from Nottingham City Centre. I travel mainly in the East Midlands but I also cover the whole of the UK and abroad if requested.”

How would you describe your business in three words?

“Modern, whimsical and chic”

What inspires you in your business?

“Having a bride feel so happy, comfortable and the best version of herself on her special day inspires me so much to continue doing what I love. The feedback is the best and to know even after their wedding day that they were still so happy with everything always gives me a big boost and massive smile on my face!”

On average how much do people spend with you?

“It can vary between £200 and £600 depending on the size of the bridal party. On average I would say £400-£500 based on a bridal party of a bride and 3-6 bridesmaids.”

What makes your business special?

“I have recently won the East Midlands Hairstylist of the Year and also highly commended award for hair stylist of the year in the UK I was so overwhelmed to have received this as it’s mainly based on bridal feedback from the previous year. The past several years I have worked extremely hard going on educational courses with different hairstylists all over the world and to now have picked techniques from each stylist, I now have my own niche which works perfectly for me.” 


Instagram – @hannahblinkohairstylist

Facebook – @hannahblinkohairstylist

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